Saturday, 28 June 2014

Weight loss Diet Plan for 5 days

We all want to be in perfect shape. The obesity will change the appearance and make younger ppl to look aged person. We all want to look young with perfect shape.

I have tried this diet plan  religious and lost 0.25kgs or 8.8 oz per week which is gradual weight loss. This is not crash diet. I wont give you false statement loose 10 kgs or 20 lbs  in 2 months, this is not miracle diet plan , by small small changes in day to day life eating habit we can be in perfect shape. Weight loss will change person to person, for 2 to 3 weeks don't expect any loss of weight. Weight loss will start after 3rd or 4th.

Early Morning

 - Drink warm water with lemon & honey in empty stomach which will help you in digestion. follow this daily.

Exercise (7 to 7:30 AM) -

Brisk Walk or some exercise ( follow this 5days or 6 days per week)

Breathing Exercise-Inhale - hold breath - open your mouth exhale - hold breath for 10 counts it will reduce tummy

Break fast

7:45 AM - Green Tea

8 AM -Breakfast Oatmeal with butter milk or Corn flakes

Mid Morning Break 

10:30 AM - Orange or Apple (Day 1 to 5)

 Noon time Juice

12 PM -  Amla juice/Mint Juice (Day 1 to 5)


1:30 PM

Day 1 - Fruit Salad with Papaya, Apple, few Grapes, Pomegranate, Pears, Guva, Watermelon, Pineapple (Seasonal fruits available or your own pick favorite fruit)

Day 2-  Vegetable Salad - Sprouted Moong dal, Horse gram, Channa Dhal, Methi seed with Cucumber, carrot, onion, Capsicum,  1/2 tsp lemon juice, salt and peper

Day 3 - 3 Roti/ Wheat Rava upma with Dal and 1cup vegetable

Day 4 - Again Fruit Salad

Day 5 - 3 Roti/ Wheat Rava upma with Dal and 1cup vegetable

After lunch Snack

3:30 PM  -  Carrot and Cucumber Slices

Break time -

5 PM - Tea with Marie Biscuit 

Dinner -

2 Roti with Sabji or Dhal @ 8 PM

Before Bed I drink 1 Cup of Green tea

I followed this diet plan religious which helped me reduce to 0.25kgs or 8.8 oz per week. In Weekends I will be having my regular food at lunch like rice, briyani, fish  & meats

Stay Fit!! Be Confident!!